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Save money on light and protect the climate with BlissDesign

The house in which there are 35 light bulbs 60W, annually consumes an average of 2,500 kWh of electricity. Our pots have LED lighting so that an average of 1.5 kW per month, which gives a cost of just a year 18zł! With BlissDesign you limit power consumption and CO2 emissions by 95%!

Be eco-friendly with BlissDesign!

donice dekoracyjne zaproszenie gardenia donice dekoracyjne zaproszenie  

Bliss Design

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Bliss Design is a combination of traditional shapes with modern LED technology, which provides a wide range of applications. As pots amaze its size, as the light source its subtlety, as the seat surprising innovation. Unique Led raise pots that adorn prestige, distinguishing them from others. Emphasize individualism and attention to detail of the staff responsible for the design. Elements of Bliss Design collection can be combined, adjust, complete the form and interesting interior design, terraces and gardens.

Save money on light and protect the climate with BlissDesign!

 We take responsibility for our products and together we want to support the environment. So offer your products are made of high-strength, high-grade, recyclable plastic and thanks to technology, the amount of consumed electricity Led needed for effective lighting space is negligible.

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Our offer

How to make our balcony took elegance and modern look? This can be achieved using modern BlissDesign pots that hang on the balcony railing.
Image 2 LED flower pots - Bliss Design LED illuminated pots are perfect for decorating the interior and exterior space such as a patio, balcony or terrace ...
Image 3 LED balls & AGITO NEW- Bliss DesignLED illuminated balls are the most popular elements of light to decorate gardens, perfect for the ...
Image 4 LED cubes - Bliss Design63 Lighting LEDs provide in the base. These pots are hardy, have their own power supply ...
Image 4 Balls of steel - Bliss Design Balls made of stainless steel, polished, extremely durable, great decorating terraces, gardens and interiors. Best way to use ...

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